Sunday, July 8, 2012

Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair: Part Two!!

Welcome back to part two of Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair! So glad you're back....and if youre just visiting for the first time go check out part one! I'm going to admit right now that there are A LOT of part. I took alot of pictures and i want to share them with you. Dont worry, you'll enjoy them. I promise :)
Speaking of pictures- that day at the RCF (have you noticed that i abbreviate everything? lol) there were planes writing in the sky, but i wasnt sure what they were writing because it was so windy it dissapeared after a few seconds. But it was super cool they were writing in a circle so it made it seem as if it was a halo around the whole fair.

Anywho there's four different amazing vendor we're going to look at. One of which i forgot to take pictures (but remembered to get a business card) because i was to busy gawking at the designs of his tee shirts and chatting with him so i'll start with him. The guy i was talking to was working at a booth for Random Objects. (Not sure if he was the owner of or just working for R.O. because his tee's were supreme...looking back i prrrrooobably should have asked that. Then again i probably should have taken pictures too. But it's okay. All the images are from his site.) Random Objects makes tee's, sweaters, totes, ipad, and iphone cases, and prints with graphics and quotes that are neato burrito.

Image of Sailor's Life Boat Bag

Image of Destination NYC iPhone 4g Case
Image of Lion For A Day
Image of Stand or Fall
Image of Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (pullover)
Image of iPad Felt Sleeve

you can find all of these AND MORE at

Next up is Becky owner of Dirtsa Studio. Let me tell you she is one crafty chica! 
Everything she sells has this refreshing flair about it. 
And to me her stand stood apart from all the others. 

Anywho her pillows are the coolest, but she makes more than just pillows. 
You can go check out all her items on her 
When I spotted this vendor at the Renegade Craft Fair I literally skipped over to them. 
I saw pretty things I liked and it was like a magnetic attraction! 
It's actually 2 shops that were in one. Raven and the Hunter which has jewelry that are 
fabulous, fringy, and feathery and Lilian Asterfield which has huge 
bubbly headbands and neckties turned into amazing neck pieces!

Apparently I didn't get a chance to take a good picture of the neckties but you can check them out here. I promise it wont disappoint! She also has an Etsy. And you can check out more stuff from   Raven & the Hunter at their website.
The last shop for today is Little Hero Capes, The owner, Allison makes capes, masks, and power cuffs for your
little one so they can be little superheros! What a neat concept, I adore this.
How cute is that? Plus 10% of every order goes to the Discovery Arts Program.
You can find more designs at

Stay tuned for part three! I love you lots!

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