Monday, January 30, 2012

Something Borrowed.

I really like this picture. Too bad its so blurry.
 Oh well  I'll just say it was
 part of the artistic vision.
So  there are a few things that i learned when i was getting ready for this post.
Thing 1. I hate wearing heels.
Thing 2. Mika has ALOT of heels.
Thing 3. Mika thinks its ok to take pictures slanted.
Thing 4. I need to invest in a new camera.
*le sigh*

 This Outfit is was completely styled by Mika. And I like it!

So here's what was borrowed:
The necklace
The shorts (Mika's but im permanently borrowing it)
The shoes
The scarf (originally mine but Mika's permanently borrowing it)
The jacket which we found when we were thrifting in a store called Your Sisters Closet in Covington.

I have to say I like wearing shorts and leggings. Its comfortable and warm... but not too warm since its like 68 degrees here in the middle of January.
Personally I would wear green or black converses with this outfit as opposed to those dreaded heels. (curse them and their evil spikes...)

So Many Photos!
Absolutely Adore these rings!
 (Double fingered ring is from Payless
 and the turquoise one was a gift of origin unknown.
These earrings were $2
 from a beauty supply store.
 I need a second pair pronto!

Just one more post in this challenge left!

Until then, Live Beautifully,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something Old, Something New! (No wedding needed!)

This week I challenged Romes and myself to make a post incorporating the old wedding custom of 
something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.
So a little background info:
 Some months ago i found this necklace off of ebay for $2.80 (price includes shipping.) 
The one i bought was more of a bronze color...
I ordered it and waited a month for it to get here when it did and i wore it once and broke when a certain best friend who shall not be named decided to wear it.

Regardless of it being broken i held on to it just in case i felt like fixing it. WELL the other day i was looking at jujubead's jewlery on etsy  (shes amazing see link) and i really liked her style and her cuff earrings so i decided to give it a shot and create my own and then these were made! 

How nifty are these?
 ( I forced mika to be my model.)
 If i could change one thing ( and i probably will later on) it would be to change the top parts into studs. Either way I still love how they turned out.

Until next time, 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look at my shoes!

SO I have unfortunately big feet.
Size twelve.
No you don't have to do a double check I wear a size twelve.
This makes it REALLY hard to find good cheap shoes. So far my current store of choice is Payless. I know i'll find my size there, and i can get some pretty basic/cute/relatively cheap shoes for my toes. Since I moved to the dorm I realized i didn't bring any flats with me and so I went to and found these!
Lace Bow Flat! These Pictures do not do it justice!
They are Z London's Black Celeste lace bow flat! Their Cute and I can wear it with anything! They were on sale for 19.99 plus i used a coupon for 15% off and i saved on shipping by having them ship it to the store and just picking it up when i passed by payless! Needless to say I am a happy shopper!

Look how pretty!
Untill next time,

Fall/Winter boots!

These boots at target look so good! They remind me of the Timberland Earthkeepers boot except its a fraction of the price!I love how both boots have grips at the bottom of the shoe.They are perfect for dresses, and skirts.  You choose your favorite!

 Women's Earthkeepers® Bethel Buckle Tall Zip Boot - Timberland
  Timberland Earthkeepers-$166(on sale)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Animal Fever! Wild Nails Design

Rawr! After months of  not doing my nails simply because I was lazy.  I am a beginner with designs, but I thought I would share for some inspiration. I call it my 'tajuar' design.

Materials used:

  • Sally Hansen-Yellow Mellow
  • Stamping kit (animal print looking stencil )
  • Thin  black art deco nail polish
  • Brucci top coat (I love this top coat)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Under $10 -Forever 21

Under $10 per item? What! Now that's my kind of sale. Here are some things I love:



Necklace $1.50

Feel free to check out the sale and buy something if you'd like.As for me,I  shall just stare  and imagine, and dread paying for textbooks in the next coming weeks.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cute things at Target

Target currently has some great tops on sale! $10 perfect for that college budget!You can look effortless,yet sophisticated and chic all at the same time. Now that's my kind of style.Here are some of my favorites:

Pure Energy - $10.98 USD

Pure Energy -$12.48 USD

I am loving this hat. The added texture makes it that much more chic!
Missoni for Target® Women's Felt Floppy Hat - Colore.Opens in a new window
Missoni floppy hat- $12.48 USD (on sale)

Sale Time!

Everyone knows I love a good sale. And I don't know anyone who doesn't... So I was excited when i got an email  saying is taking 50% off their clearance prices....which means you can get a dress like this : 

Grey Feather Smocked Dress
Black Velvet Jeggings
Purple Chiffon Pleated Tube Dress 

 for 19.99...instead of 58.50. Sales like this make me happy. 
Anyway happy hunting!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Must Have's

Here's Just a few pieces I've been drooling over this month. Considering i'm a broke college student and I have to live on a broke college students budget...
I'm just going to have to keep drooling.
Feel free to drool with me.


Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Strapless Dress In Floral Print
Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Skater Dress In Spot LaceImage 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Playsuit With Gingham Bow


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye and Hello.

     Oh I wont miss you. Not one bit. You were filled with regretful decisions, broken promises, long stressful hours, oh- and my gaining 40 very unwanted pounds. But 2012, you sexy mysterious thing...
you are something i am dearly looking forward to. To mark this most gracious occasion I am starting my year out with the following:

The Unofficial New Years Resolution 
Corresponding To The Life That Is Presh's
  1. Lose weight. 
  2. Work on my writing.
  3. Watch every episode of Dr. Who from start to finish. (And by every episode i mean from the VERY beginning.)
  4. Do more community service.
  5. Get pissfaced drunk on my birthday.
  6. Learn to play my ukulele.
  7. Do a cartwheel.

So there it is. The 7 things I am determined to accomplish this year. I tried to be as realistic as possible, and honestly the one thing i think is unrealistic is number seven. Doing a cartwheel. But I have a whole year to figure that out.

See you next year!