Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair! Part One

Im in NYC! I think i forgot to mention that, been here for 2 weeks too....
hahaha... I probably should have mentioned that earlier. Sorry about that...
ANYWHO... Ro and i went to the renegade craft fair in Brooklyn some time ago. It was awesome (except for the fact that much of the stuff was super expensive.... and i was super broke. I remember walking up to a lady asking her how much the earrings she was selling costs and she told me $80....i ran out of there like a bat outa hell.)
 There was a lot of cool vendors there, people selling pillows, posters, jewelry, yarn, candles and soap. It was really inspiring seeing all these people forming successful independent companies, doing things that they love. There was a lot to look at, and smell, and play with. Plus it was absolutely a beautiful day in Williamsburg!  I mean look at that picture. Blue skies and clouds. (i mean it was super windy but pretend that it was perfect okay?)

That was the view from the fair. Lovely, no? 
So here are pictures from some of the awesome vendors that were there, i'll leave links to them so you can check out their websites and Etsy stores.
Our first stop is Fuzzy Ink. I happen to love i LOVE this vendor. everything that was there had a mustache on it. Seriously. Its super cute.

You can check out more of their stuff at
And they also have a Twitter
The nice (and rather cute) guy there gave us the okay to share a coupon code with ya'll so use the word "Traveler" at check out for 10% off! 
The next vendor there was 1337Motif, which I have to say i LOVE this guy and all of his geekieness. Apart from the fact that his company name is EPIC he works with wood to make cutting boards, ( that had i had money would have bought and hung up) keychains, coasters, necklaces, and earrings... OUT OF WOOD. WITH VIDEOGAME THEMES! And they are awesome. ( i feel a bit repetitive.) 

You can check out more of 1337motif his Etsy shop.
As well as his website
The Last part of Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair! Part One is from Twig.
They are a company that makes terrariums. I sat here for like twenty minutes writing and erasing what twig does but i  think to best explain Twig you should look at the pictures and check out their website. Its cool stuff I assure you. :)

The foggy glare on the last photo was just condensation in the terrariums. Their really low maintenance. Which is perfect for me since most of my plants have died due to my neglecting them. but that's another story for another day. 
In the meantime go check out Twig.
And their store.

Stay tuned for part two! I love you lots!

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