Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My summer....

My darlings,

I am in new york. Living it up for the next 4 months. And by living it up i mean working like a dog and not saving a thing because the cost of living in new york makes me want to throw up. Any whoville, I figured I might as well start out a list of the things/places i need to see and go to while im here. So lets jump right in...

Preshy's wacky adventures in Brooklyn: The summer bucket list!

Ride the cyclone
Have a picnic
Have a BarBQue
Go on a boat ride
Take a cat nap in central park
Get grimaldi's pizza
Go to 3 museums
Go to the zoo
Go to the aquarium
Find the best cupcakes in the city
go to a concert
See a celebrity  
(I saw Matt Bomer Filming a movie
 on my way home from work! WOOT!)
Go to madam tussauds
Check out the brooklyn flea market
Go to a street fair 

I better get everything done on this list...

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