♥ About Presh♥


     So you want to know more about me eh? That's so sweet. Well i'm 21, and i'm from NYC, but i live out in the boonies of GA now. As for my occupation i'm a full time student, i work at your favorite office supply store, and i do a lot of volunteer work. 

Some of the things i like include:
  • warm days
  • hot cocoa or lemon tea on colder days
  • Arnold Palmers (The drink not the guy)
  • cooking
  • Korean dramas
  • Korean men in general....
    correction TALL Korean men.
(Daniel Henney...if you're out there reading this...call me. ;)
  • Bubble umbrellas
  • bubble tea
  • bubble gum
  • Cardigans....
  • I like to party.

Also I'm a Virgo and i like long walks on the beach...
Wait this isn't a dating profile?