Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Release my inner geek, I will.

I am a huge geek. I relish in all things Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Zelda...the list goes on infinately. Which is why looking through the items in the geekery section of Etsy makes me giddy with glee. Giggity.
Here's the super list of things that I love and covet from there...
I'd like to warn you, you may loose your nickers after seeing these. Also I would LOVE to know which one is your favorite, I myself am having a hard time deciding. 

Handpainted Wonder Woman Bra
To Infinity and Beyond Best friend TWIST rings

Gold and Silver

iphone 4 4s case's from Graphicpals $15.00 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Hi.

So i have not dropped a blog post in a while, but i've been working a lot so...yes.
Hi again.
I've been using stumbleupon whenever i get a chance. It is rather nifty. Here are a few links i found that i adore.
(Hopefully this should tide you over until my next post)

Go check out the rest HERE.

then stumble made me see this
on pinshire. And i want it, but i have no idea what its called. If you tell me!

I learned the best way to make a hotdog on ebaumsworld. VIDEO HERE.

And then it took me to Popular Mechanics with these strange DIY projects (which are from a book called More Show Me How  you can preview some of the projects like how to shrink your jeans perfectly and how to paint moss graffiti HERE.

More Show Me How: Everything We Couldn't Fit in the First Book Instructions for Life from the Everyday to the Exotic

Love you lots!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair: Part Two!!

Welcome back to part two of Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair! So glad you're back....and if youre just visiting for the first time go check out part one! I'm going to admit right now that there are A LOT of part. I took alot of pictures and i want to share them with you. Dont worry, you'll enjoy them. I promise :)
Speaking of pictures- that day at the RCF (have you noticed that i abbreviate everything? lol) there were planes writing in the sky, but i wasnt sure what they were writing because it was so windy it dissapeared after a few seconds. But it was super cool they were writing in a circle so it made it seem as if it was a halo around the whole fair.

Anywho there's four different amazing vendor we're going to look at. One of which i forgot to take pictures (but remembered to get a business card) because i was to busy gawking at the designs of his tee shirts and chatting with him so i'll start with him. The guy i was talking to was working at a booth for Random Objects. (Not sure if he was the owner of or just working for R.O. because his tee's were supreme...looking back i prrrrooobably should have asked that. Then again i probably should have taken pictures too. But it's okay. All the images are from his site.) Random Objects makes tee's, sweaters, totes, ipad, and iphone cases, and prints with graphics and quotes that are neato burrito.

Image of Sailor's Life Boat Bag

Image of Destination NYC iPhone 4g Case
Image of Lion For A Day
Image of Stand or Fall
Image of Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (pullover)
Image of iPad Felt Sleeve

you can find all of these AND MORE at

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ideas loved and lost.

There's nothing more that i hate than starting a project im excited about and not being able to finish it. In particular there's this little number that I was working on. I went to my dads house, (He's an artist, and designer) I found his beads and I started making earrings. I had the neatest design in my head, so i got started on it....but i ran out of beads so i couldn't even finish half of one earring. 

I'm so sad about this. It had so much potential. And it was coming out amazing. I thought about making it into a necklace instead and removing the bottom part but its not the same. I'm sure some new inspiration and ideas to change this will come to me eventually but for now I'm in a lost idea funk.

Eventually when i figure something out i'll let you know.
Whenever that is....

By the way...the image quality sucks because I used a scanner.
My camera is out of commission . So Im currently looking for a new one.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presh & Ro's Adventures @ The Renegade Craft Fair! Part One

Im in NYC! I think i forgot to mention that, been here for 2 weeks too....
hahaha... I probably should have mentioned that earlier. Sorry about that...
ANYWHO... Ro and i went to the renegade craft fair in Brooklyn some time ago. It was awesome (except for the fact that much of the stuff was super expensive.... and i was super broke. I remember walking up to a lady asking her how much the earrings she was selling costs and she told me $80....i ran out of there like a bat outa hell.)
 There was a lot of cool vendors there, people selling pillows, posters, jewelry, yarn, candles and soap. It was really inspiring seeing all these people forming successful independent companies, doing things that they love. There was a lot to look at, and smell, and play with. Plus it was absolutely a beautiful day in Williamsburg!  I mean look at that picture. Blue skies and clouds. (i mean it was super windy but pretend that it was perfect okay?)

That was the view from the fair. Lovely, no? 
So here are pictures from some of the awesome vendors that were there, i'll leave links to them so you can check out their websites and Etsy stores.
Our first stop is Fuzzy Ink. I happen to love i LOVE this vendor. everything that was there had a mustache on it. Seriously. Its super cute.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

It's the 4th of July! How awesome!
Noticed how the banner is red white and blue today? Very patriotic. 
So I've gotta finish getting ready to have lunch with my friends. But later today I'll be watching the fireworks at the beach with my family so that'll be fun. In the meantime I'm rocking my afro today because of the whole Fro's on the 4th thing. 
 But that's just a quick update with me. Hope you all have a good day today! Stay safe and wear sunscreen!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food for thought (And eating): My Super Delicious Mac & Cheese

Yes your mouth is watering, i know. Its perfectly normal. This is what you call food porn. :)
This is the macaroni and cheese that i made a before i left for NYC. I make this whenever i can...which translates to whenever we have enough shredded cheese. Every time i make it it's different. BUUUUUUUUT i will tell you that the recipe is based off of my beloved Alton Brown from Good Eats. ( I love that show) I don't use mustard, onion, egg, or bay leaf in mine. 
If you want me to give you the actual measurements i use for everything, (or you can just use Alton's recipe)
 just comment below telling me to do that, 
and i'll get on it asap!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Music Lounge : July

Happy July everyone!!!

This month for the monthly music lounge i'll be reviewing four songs. All the songs can be listened to on the the YouTube videos. Anywho enjoy and dont forget to tell me what you think about these songs. Also suggest songs for next months monthly music lounge!

Billboards #1 song
Call me maybe Carly Rae Jepsen 

This is like the song from hell. Specifically designed to get stuck in your head and make you sing it even though you hate it. As a matter of fact the first time i heard this song i hated it. I still do, but it's played so much that i know every word to the song when i don't want to.

I watched the music video which i have to admit is funny, and Carly Rae is awkward and adorkable in it and i just love it (it being the video not the song). Perhaps if she didn't have the lyrics "before you came into my life i missed you so bad and you should know that." I would like the song more.

She is a good artist with a strong voice. And her other song Tug of war is okay... but doesn't she remind you Taylor swift in that video? Maybe it's just me. Anywho, i cant wait until this song is not number one. /hater mode/

My most played (and recently downloaded) song in iTunes
Train -Drive By

I absolutely ADORE this song. It's been stuck in my head. Ive played it 64 times since i downloaded it 4 days ago. When im home alone i blast it and jump around with the remote in my hand singing the lyrics like i used to to when i was 12 and listening to nsync.

I kid you not.

I love Train in general. They have always released songs that sang to my heart. The music video though...i could live with out. Though the cars they were driving were neato burrito. If you havnt already go listen to the song. It's in the tape below!