Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Hi.

So i have not dropped a blog post in a while, but i've been working a lot so...yes.
Hi again.
I've been using stumbleupon whenever i get a chance. It is rather nifty. Here are a few links i found that i adore.
(Hopefully this should tide you over until my next post)

Go check out the rest HERE.

then stumble made me see this
on pinshire. And i want it, but i have no idea what its called. If you tell me!

I learned the best way to make a hotdog on ebaumsworld. VIDEO HERE.

And then it took me to Popular Mechanics with these strange DIY projects (which are from a book called More Show Me How  you can preview some of the projects like how to shrink your jeans perfectly and how to paint moss graffiti HERE.

More Show Me How: Everything We Couldn't Fit in the First Book Instructions for Life from the Everyday to the Exotic

Love you lots!

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