Friday, July 6, 2012

Ideas loved and lost.

There's nothing more that i hate than starting a project im excited about and not being able to finish it. In particular there's this little number that I was working on. I went to my dads house, (He's an artist, and designer) I found his beads and I started making earrings. I had the neatest design in my head, so i got started on it....but i ran out of beads so i couldn't even finish half of one earring. 

I'm so sad about this. It had so much potential. And it was coming out amazing. I thought about making it into a necklace instead and removing the bottom part but its not the same. I'm sure some new inspiration and ideas to change this will come to me eventually but for now I'm in a lost idea funk.

Eventually when i figure something out i'll let you know.
Whenever that is....

By the way...the image quality sucks because I used a scanner.
My camera is out of commission . So Im currently looking for a new one.

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