Monday, March 25, 2013

Hi, My name is Presh.

I'm back like a boomerang ya'll! Long time no see right? Yep I know its only been like 5 months. But it's okay because we're homies and you don't hold grudges. :)

So let me reintroduce myself and catch you up. I'm Presh, 21, a student and a cashier at your favorite office supply store, and here's a short list entitled:

Things you might or might not have known about me.

1. I love putting things in mason jars.
2. I think A1 steak sauce is gross.
3. I'm a firm believer that almost anything that is miniaturized is adorable
4.I love making lists
5. I love cooking and baking (my favorite thing to make is macaroni and cheese)
6. I hate chocolate ice cream
7. I write reminders on my mirrors with a dry erase marker because im super forgetful.
8. I like walking/driving/doing anything barefoot (Except running. That requires shoes.)
9. My favorite songs are from the 90's
10. I call everyone whats-her-name or whats-his-name and i call things the thinger-ma-jigger or the (describe item)thingy i.e. The hooky thingy (a hanger)
11.I have NEVER been able to spell the word definitely properly without spell check
12.I like the color teal. A lot. 

Random Note: I just learned that chartreuse is a yellowy green color. I'd always thought it sounded purpley pink or a blue.

Okay and now to catch you up on what ive been doing while i was gone. It's a pretty short list. Work, School. Sleep. Repeat. Also insert sulking from not being in New York anymore. But good news. A month and a half and I'll be back. Also I most definitely made a bucket list. I figured screw new years resolutions Im making a bucket list and every year im going to add to it, cross stuff off and revise it. So here it is:

The Ultimate Bucket List

Get to the top of the Eiffel tower
Get to the top of the empire state building
Get to the top of the statue of liberty
Save someones life
Pet a llama
Go on a skydiving simulator/skydive if I'm brave enough
Run a marathon
Pet an elephant
Ride an elephant
Feed the homeless
Build something from scratch
Go to the circus
Read 100 books by December
Create something that takes my breath away
Take family portraits
Take portraits with my friends
Write a letter to everyone i love
Go on another road trip
Go to a concert
Visit Portland
Visit Vancouver
Learn to play my ukulele
See a play on Broadway (wicked or the lion king)
Spell definitely correctly without spell check or google

I actually made new years resolutions last year and posted the list. I think it was the first entry on the blog. (Link Here I've completed 3 of 7 things on that list. Guess which ones in a comment!)
Here's whats in store this season with Cette Taille. 

Hair Nail and Makeup tutorials
Coupon stuff and unpassable deals
Outfit(s) of the day/week
Updates on my bucket list
Style Profiles
Giveaways to celebrate 100 GFC followers 500 fb friends and 20k visitors!!
And more stuff that i cant remember because its 1 am and I refuse to get out of bed to check my notes and im falling asleep soooo.....