Friday, June 29, 2012

Presh's June Favorites : Payless?

Growing up i wore payless shoes. Why? Because its cheap and when you have four other siblings... cheap is good. I did get a lot of heat for wearing payless when i was in school mostly because everyone was paying hundreds for air force ones and junk. And no matter how much Air walk shoes looked like converses-they werent.

 You know what I love payless. Yep I said it. Need reasons why?

A. it's always in my budget 
B. They always have my size. 
C. They're stepping their jewelry game for real.
D. They're doing BOGO right now!

Womens BrashWomen's Jupiter Platform Sandal
Womens BrashWomen's Lunar Platform Wedge

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Socks with Sole (punpunpun)

Darling Details Tights - Novelty Print, Black, Party, Bows, Pinup

Darling Details Tights 


Feeling Formal Thigh Highs - Black, White, Bows, Buttons, Menswear Inspired, Solid, Party

Feeling Formal Thigh Highs


Monochrome Mystery Tights by Hansel from Basel - Statement, Black

Monochrome Mystery Tights


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Style Profile: Meet Dee!

Meet Dee! This incredible creature is not only pretty, and smart...she's also super hilarious (The whole package guys *wink wink*). Whenever we hang out she always looks amazing even if shes just wearing jeans and a tee. Which was why i was so excited to do this interview with her.  So without further ado here is the interview with Dee!

[Click photos to enlarge them!!]

Presh: Where are you from?

Dee: Washington, Vancouver

Presh: Vancouver? Really?

Dee: Not Canada….Washington State all the way on the west

Dee: Yes I am

  --♥- -♥--

Presh: How’d you end up in Georgia?

Dee: My mom listened to the song welcome to Atlanta by Ludacris and she was like ‘let’s go to Atlanta!’

Presh: Do you think your style matches Washington?

Dee: Yes, Washington has like a lot of hippies, and hippie movements….my styles like that. I just realized it when you asked that.

--♥- -♥--

Presh: What are your hobbies?

Dee: Videogames, singing, soccer when I have a chance… and sleeping.

Presh: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Dee: Since high school it takes like 30 minutes and I never looked exactly how I want. But if you give me the time it’ll probably take like 3 hours and that’s for me to be perfect. Not even perfect …almost perfect.

--♥- -♥--

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome To Summer Break...

Ive been home for the past few weeks since summer break started. This is good and bad. Good because I can wash my clothes without having to score my room for loose change and bad because i have to fend for myself as far as getting my own food.
(Darn school cafe! How you've spoiled me!)

So I thought I'd take this chance to show you two of the projects that ive done. I was supposed to do a DIY tutorial for them but i got too excited to take progress pictures and just finished them. If there's a good response to these i'll go back and make tutorials for them.

I saw this bracelet on old navy for $9 [Link to it is here if you like it]

Old Navy bracelet
$9 from Old Navy.
I really liked it but being the cheap person i am I knew i was not going to spend $9 on ONE of i made 3 of them myself for under $10. Since it was my first time making them, they DID NOT come out how i wanted them to. But i feel if i was ever to make them again I've made enough mistakes to learn from it the first time [don't use so much glue!!!] and if i decide to make more they would look tres magnifique!

Oh another thing...they don't fit my wrists so i'm going to give them away. The bracelets are actually really small. So if you want one [It's one per person] leave a comment telling me which one and ship it to you. USA only [Sorry foreign friends] first to ask gets the one they want. [ENDS FRIDAY JUNE 30th after that if no one claims them ill just give them to a friend.]

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Contest Giveaway:Ear Cuff [CLOSED]

So, a few weeks ago, Presh  did a post on May favorites. I'm excited to announce that we will be holding another giveaway contest. For this ear cuff! Please note: You must have medium/large ears for this piece to stay on as it will fall off on small ears.Yes, we will accept international submissions as well!

To read Presh's full post click here.Presh May Favorites  

Image 3 of ASOS Cone Spike and Drop Ear CuffImage 1 of ASOS Cone Spike and Drop Ear Cuff

Terms and Conditions:

Multiple and incomplete entries will be disqualified.We will ship internationally.  Winners will be chosen on Sunday, June 24,2012.The winner must claim their prize within 48 hours after the contest ended by emailing with their mailing information.If the  winner fails to claim their prize, the item will be re-raffled again.

The prize(s) that may be awarded to the eligible winner(s) are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize.

Participants and winner(s)  at least 18-years old  to enter. Minors must receive parental permission to participate. 

All items were purchased by Cette Taille. We were not endorsed by any company.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Style Profile: Meet Oreo

Meet Oreo. My stylish, motivated, and lovely younger brother. He often helps me with design ideas for cette taille. And when I was telling him about the new segment Style Profile, I thought he would be an awesome addition to the Profilist, so I asked if he wanted to do one and he accepted. I must say It was the most fun interview I've done so far, Anywho here it is. 
 Presh: Where are you from?
Oreo: I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Shout out to Canarsie and Brownsville!

Presh: Describe your everyday style.
Oreo: I guess kinda bummy. Just tee shirts and pants mostly, but towards senior year of high school i was like you know what...this is not good. I should pick up a few hints, go on some fashion websites- GQ or something and figure something out.... you know, spend some more money on clothes and less money on video games. Its still pretty casual, Just with more of a pop cultural influence.

Presh: How does your style differ at school compared to when you're out with friends?
Oreo: That's just common sense you go hard when your out with your friends. I'm dressed up one day out of the week. Me and my friends get together and we dress up. We get swagged out, we toss on dress shirts, sometimes the full suit, and the thinking is we were just sitting around and we were like 'you know what we cant look like a bum everyday.' So on Wednesdays we dress like its Sunday, and so we call it swag Sunday- on Wednesday.
Presh: What are some major influences on your style and what molded the way you dress?
Oreo:  First and foremost i wanna thank God and my mom cause... wouldn't be here because of them. [Laughs] But GQ, and definitively Diggy Simmons. I was watching Runs House and all the kids were trying to do something and make their own clothes line and shoe line and Diggy was running after Pharrell- so also Pharrell he does Billionaire's Boys Club- BBC and his clothes are really hip right now, very pop culture.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Style Profile: Meet Mai

Love it, hate it- like it or leave it, everyone in this world has a different style. We don't think look act or dress the same way at least not most of the time. You can dislike someones else's style but you have to respect them for having something different from yours. That's why style profile is started. Because people should have encouragement to feel different and special. So this is the very first segment to style profile, and the first person I wanted on here is a close friend of mine. I've known her for a very long time and her style is insanely amazing. I commend her for dressing how she wants whenever she wants because not everyone has that same amount of courage. So here is my interview with the amazing Mai.

Presh:  Where are you from?
Mai:  The greatest place in America, Queens New York!
Presh:  Whats your occupation?
Mai:  I'm a student, a GoGo dancer, and I sell custom made rave gear.
Presh:  What are your hobbies?
Mai:  Drawing, I  also play a lot of MMO's, I'm also crafty- I make fluffys and custom made Cyberlox ...I play with poi toys too, also I cosplay a lot so if you see me at AWA or MoMoCon don't be afraid to say hi!
Presh:  Favorite books?
Mai:  The glass castles by Jeannette Walls- Really good book. I suggest everyone reads it.