Friday, May 31, 2013

Yummy Yummy Pizza!

Warning- this is not a recipe. A few nights ago mika and i went to make dinner and we ended up experimenting on pizza. Any who I'm not telling you specific measurements cause there's no way you can fail making this. Its so basic! AND YUMMY! 
 What I used :  Pork sausage, italian seasoning, garlic, onions, pizza crusts, pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, pizza sauce orange yellow and green peppers.
clean your mushrooms and chop em up. also dice up your onions, peppers, and your garlic!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My summer....

My darlings,

I am in new york. Living it up for the next 4 months. And by living it up i mean working like a dog and not saving a thing because the cost of living in new york makes me want to throw up. Any whoville, I figured I might as well start out a list of the things/places i need to see and go to while im here. So lets jump right in...

Preshy's wacky adventures in Brooklyn: The summer bucket list!

Ride the cyclone
Have a picnic
Have a BarBQue
Go on a boat ride
Take a cat nap in central park
Get grimaldi's pizza
Go to 3 museums
Go to the zoo
Go to the aquarium
Find the best cupcakes in the city
go to a concert
See a celebrity  
(I saw Matt Bomer Filming a movie
 on my way home from work! WOOT!)
Go to madam tussauds
Check out the brooklyn flea market
Go to a street fair 

I better get everything done on this list...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meeka Bears Closet! Episode 2!

Hey Duckies! It's meeka bear again~
 Isnt that just the cutest duckie with his cute duck booty<3
 And the family of geese! D'awww~
 So this was my outfit that day! Its soooo cute<3 And comfortable! I love those leggings they're fleece lined on the inside- they are from burlington coat factory. My peplum top is from JC Penny...

My purse, that was also in episode one (is like the only purse i carry around) is from payless.
My cardigan is from burlington coat factory!
 Shoes are from shoeland <3 I love that place
 And im wearing exactly the same earrings from episode 1

 Also while we were on the dock in the park this guy caught a fish! IT WAS SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

P.S. Here's a teaser from episode 3!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Organizing And Quicky Updates!


 My puppy Bear<3 She's such a sweet heart!
She always falls asleep on car rides...

My new bag....horrible angle but more pictures later

Trying to organize my nail polishes. 

Also Cork boards are really good for organizing jewlery. But thats a work in progress...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeka Bear's Closet! Episode 1

Hello all! So Presh dared me to do a challenge where I put together a super cute outfit once a week and transfer one piece to next weeks outfit. So every week (or month depending on how lazy i feel) you get to see my pretty little face and all the shirts, skirts, and dresses that're in my messy unorganized life. Welcome to my closet. So this weeks outfit I think I was being a little bit too into stripes.

 The shirt was from jc penny a.n.a collection. ( I actually wore it backwards on purpose- the front is just plain black) The cardigan (f21+) and the hair bow (payless) I borrowed from presh.
 My skirt is from Burlington coat factory. my bag from payless...

 The mint colored earrings are from f21 and the owl earring is from amazon
and my shoes are from shoe depot!
Thats all for me~ See you soon!
P.S. Here's a teaser for episode 2!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hair and There. My hair journey!

My hair almost 4 years ago

2 years ago 

So as many of you know or don't know... I've been natural for the past 3+ years. I had my first relaxer when i was 12 and my last when i was 18. I was very bad when it came to getting my relaxers on time. My hair started out long at first as i maintained it, getting it washed at a salon every week, getting touch ups every 6 weeks. Everything was fine and dandy until i moved to Georgia. It was harder to get to a salon and perm my hair because