Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome To Summer Break...

Ive been home for the past few weeks since summer break started. This is good and bad. Good because I can wash my clothes without having to score my room for loose change and bad because i have to fend for myself as far as getting my own food.
(Darn school cafe! How you've spoiled me!)

So I thought I'd take this chance to show you two of the projects that ive done. I was supposed to do a DIY tutorial for them but i got too excited to take progress pictures and just finished them. If there's a good response to these i'll go back and make tutorials for them.

I saw this bracelet on old navy for $9 [Link to it is here if you like it]

Old Navy bracelet
$9 from Old Navy.
I really liked it but being the cheap person i am I knew i was not going to spend $9 on ONE of i made 3 of them myself for under $10. Since it was my first time making them, they DID NOT come out how i wanted them to. But i feel if i was ever to make them again I've made enough mistakes to learn from it the first time [don't use so much glue!!!] and if i decide to make more they would look tres magnifique!

Oh another thing...they don't fit my wrists so i'm going to give them away. The bracelets are actually really small. So if you want one [It's one per person] leave a comment telling me which one and ship it to you. USA only [Sorry foreign friends] first to ask gets the one they want. [ENDS FRIDAY JUNE 30th after that if no one claims them ill just give them to a friend.]

Crochet'd Owl Pillow: was actually supposed to be a bag...but i turned it into a pillow.

Between planning a constructing it, it took me about a week to make this....

I ended up giving it to my stepdad so he can keep it in his truck. He loves it for some reason lol. I definitely want to make another one though.

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