Friday, June 1, 2012

Style Profile: Meet Mai

Love it, hate it- like it or leave it, everyone in this world has a different style. We don't think look act or dress the same way at least not most of the time. You can dislike someones else's style but you have to respect them for having something different from yours. That's why style profile is started. Because people should have encouragement to feel different and special. So this is the very first segment to style profile, and the first person I wanted on here is a close friend of mine. I've known her for a very long time and her style is insanely amazing. I commend her for dressing how she wants whenever she wants because not everyone has that same amount of courage. So here is my interview with the amazing Mai.

Presh:  Where are you from?
Mai:  The greatest place in America, Queens New York!
Presh:  Whats your occupation?
Mai:  I'm a student, a GoGo dancer, and I sell custom made rave gear.
Presh:  What are your hobbies?
Mai:  Drawing, I  also play a lot of MMO's, I'm also crafty- I make fluffys and custom made Cyberlox ...I play with poi toys too, also I cosplay a lot so if you see me at AWA or MoMoCon don't be afraid to say hi!
Presh:  Favorite books?
Mai:  The glass castles by Jeannette Walls- Really good book. I suggest everyone reads it.

Presh:  Where do you wanna be in ten years?
Mai:  Hopefully back in New York. I love it there, so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up back there in 10 years. But If I'm not in New York hopefully traveling some where in Asia like south Korea, china, Vietnam, or Japan. Or even just traveling around the world would be fun.

Presh:  What kind of music do you listen to?
Mai:  J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, J-Rock, love songs, Indian songs. Kotoko, Asriel, 2NE1, SNSD are some of my favorite artists.

Presh:  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Mai: Half an hour to an hour....and that's waking up till I'm out the door.
Presh:  Describe Your Everyday Style.
Mai:  Short Sweet and to the point, jeans and a shirt, sometimes a wig with a hat and eyeliner. Its always gotta match or look really cute. But I cant go anywhere without my teddy bear book bag.

Presh:  How does your style differ at school?
Mai:  Its usually the same everywhere, In public I tend to stick out like a sore thumb, I prefer to dress unique rather than the same.[Laughs] Seeing things that are the same makes me sick. 

Presh:  What was your style like in High School, would you dress how you used to in high school now?
Mai:  Goth. I mean... I could still dress gothy now if i wanted. But I wont spend my money on it- its too expensive! One pair of chain pants is like eighty bucks!

Presh:  What are some major influences on your style?
Mai:  Kpop and Jpop, but really i just wear what i feel like wearing.

Presh:  What colors have you noticed you wear the most, or buy the most, or your attracted to the most?
Mai:  Neon colors! Lots of bright neon pinks and greens, and black. Anything bright that catches my attention or if it glows under black lights then I'll want it. 

Presh:  What accessory's do you notice you wear the most.
Mai:   Glasses definitely. I don't wear prescription lenses but I like wearing glasses.
Presh:  Whats somethings people wouldn't guess about you?
Mai: Oh there's a lot of things like.. I'm actually not much of a party girl, I'm really shy at least until i get used to people and open up to them. I'm mixed, I'm not 100% black. I also don't do drugs at all...I guess since I'm a GoGo dancer people think i smoke weed and shoot cocaine but I don't do drugs at all. Lastly when I used to dress goth I was never really into the goth culture. At least not enough to be called goth and I didn't like it when people called me goth.
Presh:  What do you think others are thinking when they see the way you dress?
Mai: People are judgmental I know that for sure, but I like to think most people admire me for my style. I'm sure alot of people don't agree with my style. At first they think it's weird, but usually after I walk up to someone and talk to them they end up telling me that they think I'm unique. Either way I really don't care what people think because it's not as if I get up in the morning and get dressed for them.

Presh:  Whats the most expensive item of clothing in your closet?
Mai:  Does cosplay count? Because I've got an outfit that i bought that was $120. I almost bought a cosplay outfit for $200....

Presh:  Whats it like having such an amazing friend like me? Serious Question. 
[I tried so hard to keep a serious face for this question, It was actually a joke but Mai answered it so seriously- thumbs up to Mai.]
Mai:  It's a good experience you're never bored. You always have something to do and you're always going out.

Presh:  What do you want to be when you're older?
Mai:  A stripper. [Laughs] I'm just playing. I wanna be a therapist, or an artist, or a fashion designer. Maybe a combination of all three?

Presh:  Are you single? Taken? Looking?
Mai:  I'm single ready to mingle, husband hunting, still available. So call me! 555-5555

Presh:  Whats one of your biggest accomplishments.
Mai:  Graduating gawd damn high school. And since educations important to me.... Soon it'll be graduating college. [huge grin]
Presh:  Whats a cause that you're passionate about?
Mai:  definitely World Wild Life Fund. I love animals so their cause is something i hold very close to me.

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