Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Style Profile: Meet Oreo

Meet Oreo. My stylish, motivated, and lovely younger brother. He often helps me with design ideas for cette taille. And when I was telling him about the new segment Style Profile, I thought he would be an awesome addition to the Profilist, so I asked if he wanted to do one and he accepted. I must say It was the most fun interview I've done so far, Anywho here it is. 
 Presh: Where are you from?
Oreo: I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Shout out to Canarsie and Brownsville!

Presh: Describe your everyday style.
Oreo: I guess kinda bummy. Just tee shirts and pants mostly, but towards senior year of high school i was like you know what...this is not good. I should pick up a few hints, go on some fashion websites- GQ or something and figure something out.... you know, spend some more money on clothes and less money on video games. Its still pretty casual, Just with more of a pop cultural influence.

Presh: How does your style differ at school compared to when you're out with friends?
Oreo: That's just common sense you go hard when your out with your friends. I'm dressed up one day out of the week. Me and my friends get together and we dress up. We get swagged out, we toss on dress shirts, sometimes the full suit, and the thinking is we were just sitting around and we were like 'you know what we cant look like a bum everyday.' So on Wednesdays we dress like its Sunday, and so we call it swag Sunday- on Wednesday.
Presh: What are some major influences on your style and what molded the way you dress?
Oreo:  First and foremost i wanna thank God and my mom cause... wouldn't be here because of them. [Laughs] But GQ, and definitively Diggy Simmons. I was watching Runs House and all the kids were trying to do something and make their own clothes line and shoe line and Diggy was running after Pharrell- so also Pharrell he does Billionaire's Boys Club- BBC and his clothes are really hip right now, very pop culture.

Presh: Who are some people that inspire you day by day?
Oreo: Diggy, Pharrell, there are some others....our family actually. My older brother and sister are pretty up to date with fashion.

Presh: What are your hobbies?
Oreo: Bumming around, skating, playing video games, I used to draw a lot, I don't really do that too much anymore. Just sitting on my butt... But isn't that what everyone does?
Presh: No, but I'll give you a pass on that since your in college. 
Presh: What colors have you noticed you wear the most?
Oreo: I got into burgundy- which goes back to my cousin. We went shopping and I picked up this really expensive burgundy cardigan. And he was like 'Ok look, if any thing goes wrong... if you don't really like it we can take it back, or get something else, or return it.' So i said okay, I'm down. Lets do something crazy, lets buy this expensive cardigan. I bought it, I look on the receipt and it said NO RETURNS [Laugh] So now I have this really expensive burgundy cardigan and I've bought burgundy shirts, Burgundy ties, burgundy shoes- and also if you watch timothy DeLaGhetto- he rocks a lot of burgundy so I definitely got some inspiration from there.
Presh: What article of clothing or accessory do you wear the most?
Oreo: I got this key chain from forever21- guys don't be afraid to hit up forever 21. I rock it everywhere, because before you go anywhere you have to grab your keys, your phone, and your wallet.
Presh: What kind of music do you listen to, and do you think the artist you listen to shares the same style as you?
Oreo: I listen to a lot of Kid Cudi, and i have a few outfits that reflect his style, he's got a real simple but cool style- like the bent base ball cap, the rock tee and some skinny jeans. Its really a cool style.

Presh: Favorite books?
Oreo: I don't want people to get mad at me if I say I don't really read. But I don't really read. I just read the hunger games before the movie came out, but it was for a class so i don't know if that counts.
Presh: What do you think others are thinking when they see the way you dress?
Oreo:That guys got some swag right there. [laughs] I don't want them to think that I'm a bum cause occasionally it is that tee and pants, BUT I'm not a bum, and i want them to think that i come from somewhere.

Presh: How long does it normally take you to get ready in the morning?
Oreo: On a normal day a 1/2 an hour, on a swag Sunday its an hour if i gotta iron and look good.
Presh: Whats the most expensive article of clothing in your closet?
Oreo: I hate you, you put this question in there to put me on the spot. General audience right now we're in the car with our mother. And now my sister has put me in a position where i have to tell my mom how much i spend...Fine It was $164 for the burgundy cardigan. It was an Adidas original. 40 year anniversary.

Presh: Whats it like having such an amazing sister?
Oreo:Which sister? You? Oh....It's great, you're you.
[there was so much sarcasm in that answer]

Presh: What do you want to be when you're older and do you think that when you get to that position in life and you look back on how you dress now you wouldn't regret what you used to wear?
Oreo: I try to live life so that i cant be regretful. I don't want to do anything where i look back and i feel like MAN i did that wrong. I should just feel like...oh YEEEAH i did that. I mean to look back and and be ashamed you'd have to be dressing pretty bad.

Presh: Whats your biggest accomplishment?
Oreo: I dooooont do much so this is hard. Does being alive count? Well I was an Intern to a judge at the New York Supreme court. That was cool.

Presh: Are you taken?
Oreo: Totally single, you know living that city life.

Presh: Are you looking?
Oreo: I am looking...ladies? I assume if you're not looking for someone you're either lying or gay.  No offence to the gays. [Laughs]

Presh: Whats one thing people wouldn't guess about you?
Oreo: People think I'm really cheap and stingy. I mean i caaaan be but I'm not....not really. [Laughs]

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