Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whha Watch!

Yes, so Presh ignited a new addiction in me- Ebay! Hello!  I won my first auction 4 minutes before it ended. Too bad for that bidder that really thought they were going to win it. It was a watch from China. I paid $2.88 with free shipping of course. One negative  thing about getting items from China is that it takes FOREVER to get into the states. By the time I receive the package, I forgot I even ordered it! When I finally receive my order, it kind of feels like a 'just because' gift ( except its  from myself). Anyways I digress, I really love the color,and the simplicity. It turns out the bronze color-shade  goes well with my skin tone.  My watch also came with an extra battery. I love that! For some reason my watches always end up freezing on me ,no matter how  expensive.Maybe, I'll tell my watch mishaps in another blog post if you want to read about it. In case you are wondering the seller's ebay name is digitalzone2010 .

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