Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So classy it hurts ;) - And it's Pi Day!

First of all Happy Pi Day! 
It's 3.14 and every year on march 14th i bake a pie or buy a pie...either way im eating myself some pie- and i appreciate all those mathmaticians that make my life whoever it was that created algebra. Gracia's. 

Moving on!

On Friday's and some Wednesday's I volunteer at the museum. 
   From time to time they have events for artists, party's for children, and classes for sketching, drawing, photography.. etc. and one of the perks of being a volunteer is I get to go to these events and classes. :)
   A few weeks ago I was invited to a party for a local artist, and this is what I wore:

The cape is from K Marts Love Your Style Love Your Size Collection

 Top was on clearance from Old Navy for $7
Pants are from Target for $13

These shoes hurt so much! They were borrowed from Mika's closet.
 I brought my back up flats though!

Shades :$10 Payless ; Pearl Necklace $5 Ebay ; Bracelet... a gift from my sister ;)

Until next time, 
Go eat some pie!
and Live Beautifully,

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