Monday, January 30, 2012

Something Borrowed.

I really like this picture. Too bad its so blurry.
 Oh well  I'll just say it was
 part of the artistic vision.
So  there are a few things that i learned when i was getting ready for this post.
Thing 1. I hate wearing heels.
Thing 2. Mika has ALOT of heels.
Thing 3. Mika thinks its ok to take pictures slanted.
Thing 4. I need to invest in a new camera.
*le sigh*

 This Outfit is was completely styled by Mika. And I like it!

So here's what was borrowed:
The necklace
The shorts (Mika's but im permanently borrowing it)
The shoes
The scarf (originally mine but Mika's permanently borrowing it)
The jacket which we found when we were thrifting in a store called Your Sisters Closet in Covington.

I have to say I like wearing shorts and leggings. Its comfortable and warm... but not too warm since its like 68 degrees here in the middle of January.
Personally I would wear green or black converses with this outfit as opposed to those dreaded heels. (curse them and their evil spikes...)

So Many Photos!
Absolutely Adore these rings!
 (Double fingered ring is from Payless
 and the turquoise one was a gift of origin unknown.
These earrings were $2
 from a beauty supply store.
 I need a second pair pronto!

Just one more post in this challenge left!

Until then, Live Beautifully,

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