Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look at my shoes!

SO I have unfortunately big feet.
Size twelve.
No you don't have to do a double check I wear a size twelve.
This makes it REALLY hard to find good cheap shoes. So far my current store of choice is Payless. I know i'll find my size there, and i can get some pretty basic/cute/relatively cheap shoes for my toes. Since I moved to the dorm I realized i didn't bring any flats with me and so I went to and found these!
Lace Bow Flat! These Pictures do not do it justice!
They are Z London's Black Celeste lace bow flat! Their Cute and I can wear it with anything! They were on sale for 19.99 plus i used a coupon for 15% off and i saved on shipping by having them ship it to the store and just picking it up when i passed by payless! Needless to say I am a happy shopper!

Look how pretty!
Untill next time,

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