Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye and Hello.

     Oh I wont miss you. Not one bit. You were filled with regretful decisions, broken promises, long stressful hours, oh- and my gaining 40 very unwanted pounds. But 2012, you sexy mysterious thing...
you are something i am dearly looking forward to. To mark this most gracious occasion I am starting my year out with the following:

The Unofficial New Years Resolution 
Corresponding To The Life That Is Presh's
  1. Lose weight. 
  2. Work on my writing.
  3. Watch every episode of Dr. Who from start to finish. (And by every episode i mean from the VERY beginning.)
  4. Do more community service.
  5. Get pissfaced drunk on my birthday.
  6. Learn to play my ukulele.
  7. Do a cartwheel.

So there it is. The 7 things I am determined to accomplish this year. I tried to be as realistic as possible, and honestly the one thing i think is unrealistic is number seven. Doing a cartwheel. But I have a whole year to figure that out.

See you next year!

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