Friday, May 31, 2013

Yummy Yummy Pizza!

Warning- this is not a recipe. A few nights ago mika and i went to make dinner and we ended up experimenting on pizza. Any who I'm not telling you specific measurements cause there's no way you can fail making this. Its so basic! AND YUMMY! 
 What I used :  Pork sausage, italian seasoning, garlic, onions, pizza crusts, pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, pizza sauce orange yellow and green peppers.
clean your mushrooms and chop em up. also dice up your onions, peppers, and your garlic!

toss your sausage in a pan, add your onions garlic peppers, mushrooms....
and pepperoni untill everythings brown and yummy, then drain your meaty mix
Now you can roll out your pizza dough and top it with any ingredients you have, bake according to your crust instructions. (hmm i actually added the sausage after i took this picture lol)
we rolled our pizza up
browned it in the oven then cut it like a loaf of bread, and dipped it in pizza sauce. IT WAS DELISH
we had so much leftover sausage that we got grands biscuits
rolled em out
then added all the  meat cheese and everything else and twisted the tops, (ignore the one in the bottom left corner- mika didn't know what she was doing lol)
brown em in the oven
and omg they were good! dip em in sauce ( although its not needed) and watch this all disappear! That's it, its just that easy! Any ways i'll see you soon...


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    1. Thanks for commenting! It was SO SO SO good! My family ate it up so quick that when i got back from work it was all gone. >.<


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