Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeka Bear's Closet! Episode 1

Hello all! So Presh dared me to do a challenge where I put together a super cute outfit once a week and transfer one piece to next weeks outfit. So every week (or month depending on how lazy i feel) you get to see my pretty little face and all the shirts, skirts, and dresses that're in my messy unorganized life. Welcome to my closet. So this weeks outfit I think I was being a little bit too into stripes.

 The shirt was from jc penny a.n.a collection. ( I actually wore it backwards on purpose- the front is just plain black) The cardigan (f21+) and the hair bow (payless) I borrowed from presh.
 My skirt is from Burlington coat factory. my bag from payless...

 The mint colored earrings are from f21 and the owl earring is from amazon
and my shoes are from shoe depot!
Thats all for me~ See you soon!
P.S. Here's a teaser for episode 2!

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