Friday, May 24, 2013

Meeka Bears Closet! Episode 2!

Hey Duckies! It's meeka bear again~
 Isnt that just the cutest duckie with his cute duck booty<3
 And the family of geese! D'awww~
 So this was my outfit that day! Its soooo cute<3 And comfortable! I love those leggings they're fleece lined on the inside- they are from burlington coat factory. My peplum top is from JC Penny...

My purse, that was also in episode one (is like the only purse i carry around) is from payless.
My cardigan is from burlington coat factory!
 Shoes are from shoeland <3 I love that place
 And im wearing exactly the same earrings from episode 1

 Also while we were on the dock in the park this guy caught a fish! IT WAS SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

P.S. Here's a teaser from episode 3!

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