Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lazy day outfit & Finals studying tips!

Finals is here once more which means, bummy outfits to school. I love the outfit below,because it looks like you kind of tried, when you didnt even do much. Now, thats my kind of style! Here are some of my tips for studying for finals:

  1. Don't panic, and try to get  as much done as you can when you can.There's always tomorrow.
  2. Remember to eat.(sometimes I forget to eat, because when you're working so hard, you just don't feel hungry)
  3. If you don't get sleep,your body will eventually  crash on its own.
  4. You're not the only one(even though sometimes it feels like it) going through this.
  5. Limit your time on social media. Its just a WASTE of time.
  6. Remember to take some breaks, partayyy,play video games for 30 minutes,watch funny Youtube videos. Anything that can make you more energized  is always great!

Now back to doing laundry and writing this paper! For more college tips check out my personal blog here.

Lazy day outfit

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