Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuber Swap Time!

So I'm super tired- and I apologize AGAIN for the inconsistency in my postings but i literally just got home from an 11 hour shift and my everything hurts, but hey! 
How are you? 
Kinda missed you....
That got creepy...
 Anyway- i decided since i am sucking at finding new Youtubers to watch (I spent an unhealthy amount of time stalking the tubes...) that you and i should do a tuber swap- where i share with you some awesome amazing Youtubers and you do the same in return (share with me in a blog post or comment or in an email- either way i'm watching your suggestions) Well...lets see how this goes. Here's my list!!!

Adonde aka Swoozie! This guy- Whenever one of his video's pop up in my subbox i get the instant giggles. He's sooo  funny. Honestly its amazing. I cant even decide which of his video's are my favorite. He's just that good.

And then theres the channel Geek and sundry- Which I dont know if you know who Felicia Day is but you should- ( she's in the guild, eureka, dr horribles sing along blog! Uh hello?!!)  she set up Geek and Sundry which is a channel with a bunch of shows catering to all the geeks out there- one of the shows on G&S  is called written by a kid and my god watch the video and prepare to laugh!

Talia Joy!
This beautiful little girl has leukemia and neuroblastma, she has one of the most beautiful smiles. plus she can wield a makeup brush better than most people ive seen that are twice her age.

Simon and Martina from eatyourkimchi! They're a couple from Canada who moved to Korea and their channel is all about Korean culture and Korean food and music and their life in the wonderful world of south Korea. Plus they have a super cute dog they call Spudgy and he's the icing on their yummy channely cake.

Yemezi! So Im Nigerian and yemezi's Nigerian and you know what- she's tons of funny. Plus she's my hair crush!
I don't know if i like her natural hair or her chunky long braids better but any style she wears her hair in i seem to instantly i love!

i hope y'all have fun watching these channels and checking out these awesome tubers! Don't forget to share with me which YouTubers you love watching? maybe?

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