Thursday, August 30, 2012

Presh's August Favorites

So considering august is my birthmonth and my birthday passed, im going to share with you some of the things i've learned that I cant live without. thats right yall its time for my August favorites!

Cocoa Butter lip balm hunny! This stuff MELTS your lips. Dry and cracked is not an option with this balm. 

 So I dont indulge in chocolate a whole least i didnt use to, but then they started selling these godiva white chocolate vanilla bean and the milk chocolae salted caramel at my job and oh my jesus are these the best darn chocolate bars i ever tasted!

So These Last three items are  the beeest for your nails, firstly the NYC matte me crazy top coat is super awesome, it makes any nail color look matte (duh) and Essies good to go top coat  makes your nails SO shiny its equally awesome. And lastly are the impress press on manicures. Im not going to say anything about those because you'll find out more about them in a couple of posts. :)


  1. Whered you get the matte nail polish from?

    1. Walmart my dear- walmart. lol but im sure you can find it at any beauty supply store...actually i doubt that.


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