Saturday, February 11, 2012

Favorite: Top Coats for Nails

I just wanted to share some favorite top coats. Before we get into the review, here are some tips:

If your nails are constantly submerged in water activities your nails WILL chip faster.
I don't think there is a magic product out there that can stop chipping, you can only minimize it
It is recommend to touch up your nails for a longer lasting nail design.

Brucci Acrylic Top Coat
Price range: $3-$7 
( go to the beauty supply store for the cheapest price)

My co-worker actually recommended this top coat to me.It is perfectly safe to use on your own nails even though it says 'acrylic'.Although the bottle is purplish, it does dry clear. If you are doing a nice nail design I would not use this product. It will melt the layers of nail polish that was on before the top coat was applied.This is how this top coat minimizes chipping.

Deborah Lippman: 
On a clear day, or Quick drying top coat
Deborah Lippman is very popular alongside celebrity clients. She has very catchy nail polish bottle names which are usually song names. This top coat will not ruin your design.
Another top coat that I have heard/read that is really good is the Opi top coat.
In sum, you can use cheap nail polish,but if you use a cheap top coat your design will not last more than 2-3 days.

Happy nail painting!

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  1. another thing i learned...if you do your nails and put a top coat on it- put another topcoat on it the next day. It stops chipping so much.


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