Sunday, April 7, 2013


Warning: This post is really old- well not really old. Its from last seven months ago...that is kind of old. I was going through all my drafts, saw this and wondered why the heck i didnt post it but whatever. 

I love food. 
I love *good* food!
And so Romi and I decided to go out and have a cheap taste of the town. Fist we stopped at this pizza place near ro that was pretty good. The picture dosnt do it justice.
My regular cheese slice,
Romies Buffalo chicken pizza looked gooooood.
We then went to magnolia's a few blocks away and got an apple crumble. It was okay. Looks good. Tastes okay. I wanna make this though. NEW CHALLANGE!!

I have to say, the place had a great ambiance.
These cookies wanted to make me cry ( NOT IN A GOOD WAY)  the oatmeal raisin cookies were strange. They were dry. and baked almost like a wafer. I was dissapointed, meanwhile the sugar cookie was better but it was... well Ive made better cookies from scratch. Waste of money.
So we went to this 99cents pizza place im pretty sure it was called 99cents fresh pizza. Yeah it was like eating air. NOT IN A GOOD WAY! Honestly im not going to 99c pizza places anymore. I want real pizza. Seriously though, Ive had frozen pizza that tastes way better than that.
I forgot where we stopped here....But Romies Iced cream was yummy ( and expensive) So instead of icecream I got a cupcake. That was hard. and not good at all. I didnt even take a picture. I ate some of it and gave the rest to a homeless guy.

On a different day we went to pie face- Romie' pie (the pumpkin pie) was yummy! My pie (the lemon thinger) WAS SOUR. What a waste of money! If i wanted something that sour ida gone to the bodega and bought myself a lemon for 50 cents!! Honestly!

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