Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Necklace Recon!

 So I am an avid ebay shopper. I love buying cheap jewlery from there and when i came accross this necklace for $3 i bought it.Look how long it looks on that headless woman....and look how long it looks on me. Needless to say I am not amused.

 But when i bought these earrings a few months ago i thought it would be pretty nifty to combine them into a super cool looking earring/necklace combination thing.
 /evil scientist laugh/

 (SIDE NOTE:Now i am no fool and i love these earrings....there were only $2 so i went back to the same store i bought them from and got myself another pair.)

And morphing them was super easy...
1. I really just needed plyers
2. I opened the hooks and removed the
chains from the bottoms of the earrings
3. removed the clasps on the necklace and
put the hook from the earrings through the necklace
4.I closed the hook
5.all done.
See! Super easy!
(ignore the nails...they need to be done i know....)

 And now i have a rocking earring/necklace thing. Isn't it awesome?

Until Next Time, 
Live Beautifully,

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